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Helping in the search for sustainable solutions

Waterways and a slough wind their way through farmlands on Twitchell Island, California

Scientists and engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are helping to develop innovative approaches to critical water resource problems. 

Water. It's the essence of life, and vital to our physical and economic well-being. Despite being an ocean planet, it's also the most precious of all natural resources. Only about two percent of Earth's water is fresh water. As the nation's most populous state and a leading U.S. agricultural producer, water in California has always been essential to the state's prosperity. In fact, the state of California has identified water management as a top issue facing the state today.

Finding practical, sustainable solutions to the many water issues confronting California is crucial. Monitoring, researching, and understanding the connections between climate variability, water resources and the environment are essential to developing effective strategies to adapt over both the short term (operations) and the long term (forecasting and planning).

As the world's premiere climate research agency, NASA -- with its scientific expertise, observational technology, and history of robust partnerships and collaborations -- is uniquely positioned to help state and regional water agencies in addressing water issues. 

Waterways and a slough wind their way through farmlands on Twitchell Island, California. Image credit: California Department of Water Resources.

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